Your biggest asset is your staff’s wellbeing

Provide your employees with the support
they need and make your work environment
more attractive, caring and effective.

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An approach to go further in preventing mental ill health in a business setting

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of employees currently suffer with stress and mental ill health.

61% among 18-24 year olds

Harris Interactive x Alan study, 2021

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of employees manage to talk about their mental health with their managers or with HR.

Harris Interactive x Alan study, 2021

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Invite your employees and managers to join Lumm.

Our teams and therapists will help you prevent mental ill health using tried and tested methods.

Grant them access to support programmes on topics of their choice.

Lumm’s programmes are designed to help employees achieve their goals. Each provides access to an optimal number of sessions with a coach or therapist, and to appropriate milestones.

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Help your employees get assistance in times of need

Whether they are experiencing short-term stress, persistent anxiety, or a difficult life event, the support of a therapist will help employees talk about the challenges they face and work towards personal growth.

Develop your company’s emotional intelligence with bespoke content.

Give your teams access to content designed to develop their emotional intelligence, making mental wellbeing more accessible. Create a more open and caring culture where everyone can thrive without stigma or prejudice.

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Monitor your teams’ objectives and wellbeing on a daily basis.

In less than 5 minutes, get anonymous feedback about your employees’ wellbeing, as well as obtaining recommendations for actions to take when things aren’t going so well.

Easy to deploy, easy to manage day-to-day

A solution that has already proven its worth with our customers


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Make your employees' mental wellbeing your new company asset.

Find out how Lumm helps you modernise psychosocial risk prevention, and demonstrate your commitment to your employees.