Our mission?
To be more than just a benefit.

Every day, we work with employees and managers on issues that impact their daily lives and those of their teams.

We can’t remove all the difficulties of corporate life, but we can add to the resources needed to help all people overcome obstacles with kindness.

Photo de la team Lumm
Alexis Barthélémy et Julien Alart
Marie Dessirier, Julien Alart et Alexis Barthélémy
Julien Alart et Alexis Barthélémy fondateurs de Lumm

Lumm, the solution created by our co-founders to help your employees improve their wellbeing

Easy to deploy, easy to manage day-to-day

Our manifesto

Taking care of yourself, your wellbeing and that of those around you

Ambitious targets, increasingly competitive markets, organisations that are having to constantly innovate… Exposure to pressure is increasing, causing stress, anxiety, burnout and other issues…

This new reality challenges individuals and their potential, directly impacting the speed and quality of organisational performance. The cost of employee stress is increasing but remains underestimated or even ignored.
Faced with these difficulties, many companies, managers and employees feel more helpless than they should be.

With them in mind, we have built a digital experience that is accessible, precise and, above all, human.

Illustration femme qui tient une plante

Would you like to use your skills to improve workers’ mental health?

We are always looking for talent. If, like us, you want to have a concrete positive impact on people’s wellbeing, get in touch!