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“As a career and personal development coach, I’ve been thrilled to work with Lumm since their inception. This platform facilitates and democratises access to mental health professionals in the workplace, which is proven to be beneficial for everyone. The content, also offered by Lumm, is of high quality.”

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Coaches and therapists for different moments in life.

Offer your teams sessions with our coaches and psychologists, and give them access to relaxation methods and materials to relieve stress on a daily basis.

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For the difficult times of life

Life is far from being a smooth ride, but you can help your employees cope. Whether it’s temporary stress, persistent anxiety or a life event, Lumm guarantees personalised support for your employees by qualified psychologists.

Our coaches

To grow and develop

Give your employees the opportunity to realise their potential! Self-confidence, communication skills or better time management, our specialised coaches have tools to help to remove the barriers specific to each person.

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Do you want to revolutionise access to mental health professionals in the workplace?

Experienced and varied profiles, to address all issues


years experience on average for all Lumm coaches and therapists.

A state diploma certification

All Lumm psychologists and coaches are state certified and have been practising for more than 3 years.


languages spoken by the Lumm coach and therapist team.

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Make your employees' mental wellbeing your new company asset.

Find out how Lumm helps you modernise psychosocial risk prevention, and demonstrate your commitment to your employees.